Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shopping In the Sticks

If you know me at all, you know I have a special place in my heart for garage saling. This past weekend was one of my favorite such occasions: the 'Mile Long Yard Sale'.

Don't let the name fool you...it's actually about 15 miles long and runs from Lebanon to Watertown. It happens every spring and fall, and I schedule my life around it.

I mean, who would want to miss the lemonade selling kids between miles 2 and 3? Or the caftan wearing lady who can't count money. Then there's the japanese guy with the long pinky nail trying to sell my brother his toys. And dont forget the old ladies that sell tooth paste and pudding.

But, despite all of the excitement, we never lose sight of the real prize: the cheeseburger selling firefighters in downtown Watertown. When the smell of burgers permeates the air, we know we have arrived. They never disappoint.

Just so you understand how truly great this garage sale adventure is, let me list the treasures I walked away with. A vintage sweater, two pairs of vintage earrings (one thrown in for free cause the old guy thought I was cute), scarves, a make-up bag, a bright green coffee mug, a metal storage bin that matches my room, and sugar-free pudding (don't ask...).

What can I say?

I. Love. Junk.