Friday, May 31, 2013

Confessions of a 6th Grader

My little brother is in sixth grade, and just entering the 'dating' world.

A conversation: 

Me: David, are you going to see your girlfriend over the summer? 

David: Well, she was supposed to come over Friday. But we didn't specify which Friday, and there are a lot of them. I forgot to get her phone number. I have her address though. 


Me: You didn't kiss her, did you? You're too young for that. 

David: No. We talked about it, but then she almost puked. 


David: My friend is dating my girlfriend's twin sister, so we're brothers. 

Me: Well, you'll only be brothers if you both marry them. 

David: I'm working on it. 


David: I want to save my money so me and my girlfriend can go on vacation. 

Me: Where do you want to go? 

David: We can't decide between Hawaii and Paris. Hawaii is really pretty, but Paris is really romantic. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Michigan Adventures

Last week we flew up to Michigan to attend my little sister's high school graduation, and my 10 year reunion. Charlie is a champion flier. He eats it up!

We got into town around 4 pm Thursday, and her graduation was at 7. We went strong until 11 pm that night, and Charlie was fantastic. We were all shocked he sat quietly through the ceremony, and slept at Apple Bee's during our celebratory dinner. He could not have been better! So glad we got to be there for that special time!

Hand over your heart for the Pledge, everyone. 

I saw my step sister, Ashlie, for the first time in nearly 5 years, and I don't think we took one picture together. I don't know how that happened!

Friday was pretty chill all day.

First, a stop at Meijer to visit the graduate while she worked. I do miss Meijer! Picked up some baby clothes.

 Then we visited with my cousins, Paul and Mallory, and their little boy, Hugo, who was born just 6 days after Charlie! I had never spent a lot of time with them before they had a baby, but since then, we've kept up a ton, and spent a decent bit of time swapping baby war stories. So fun to finally meet Hugo!

Hugo and Charlie swapped toys and baby spit. It's really hard to get a good picture of two moving babies.

Charlie has a new fascination with seeing himself in the camera of my phone. Sometimes I take pictures.

Saturday morning started off with taking this little guy to breakfast, so everyone could sleep in a quiet house. Just me, Charlie, and a side of Sophie for breakfast. 

Sometimes, trunk diaper changes are necessary when you're on the go. 

Lots of balloons and parties on Saturday. 

Graduation party: 

Class reunion: 

Charlie was seriously a trooper while we hauled him ALL over the place. Everyone kept commenting on what a great baby he is. He is much happier when we're on the go, than when we sit at home. No one believes me. Haha.

Sunday, we decided to take a little day trip up to Grand Rapids to go to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. Josh and I are nerds and love museums. My dad loves history, so he was totally up for it. It was a great museum, though kind of small. I did not know much about President Ford, and it was quite interesting!

Brittney found an awesome hot dog place on the way, called Yesterdog. We had some phone booth fun while we waited on our hot dogs!

We had such a fun time in Michigan! It was sort of stressful to travel so quickly after moving, and not feeling settled in the new house, but it was also nice to get away from all the craziness! Love our time with family!

Congrats Brittney!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Bessie!

I'll post updates about our trip to Michigan later, but now, I have to wish my sweet puppy a HAPPY 2nd Birthday!!

Birthday surprises! (Yes, I've become THAT person.)

Enjoying a birthday cupcake. Doggy friendly, of course.

Love my pup!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Lately

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. It's been an absolute blur. Last Thursday was my last day at work. Friday was spent running up to Nashville to drop off a car, and all our fragile items, and driving back to Birmingham in time to pick Char up from his last day at daycare.

Charlie, not quite ready to get up for his last day:

Saturday was spent packing up the Birmingham house with a great group of folks, whom we will miss dearly. We got off on the wrong foot when the truck we rented broke the day before. They gave us two smaller trucks instead. Then we got to Budget to pick them up, and they told us they ran out of dolly's. Then one of the truck's didn't start. We had to drive 20 minutes away to pick up a different one. Luckily, after that, things settled down. If things can slow down when you're moving.

We were loaded up, the house was clean, and we were on the road to Nashville by 2 pm. I consider that a win. I took Char in the car, Josh took Bessie in one of the trucks, and my bro in law drove the 2nd truck. Somehow, it always takes me an extra hour when I have Char. He does not like that drive. We went out to dinner when we arrived, and we were a collective hot mess. Strictly functional; not social.

Charlie got up a lot that first night, which I guess is to be expected in a new place. His world just got wrecked. Mine did too, each time he got up!

Sunday, we were again completely blown away by all of the sweet people that came to help us load everything in to our new place. It's so great to know that after being gone, we still have a great, strong community that welcomes us back.

We basically locked my mom in one of the bedrooms with the dog and baby while we unloaded.
We had a steady stream of people coming and going from about 12 pm - 5 pm. They got us nearly unpacked, which we did NOT expect. Amazing. Somehow, the house is still a wreck, but I figure that's acceptable for at least a week after moving.

Bessie, trying to survive all the change. It's been rough on her. Poor thing.

Charlie got up 8 times Sunday night. Eight. Times. I gave up on life a little bit Monday. I slept in the Target parking lot for 15 minutes while he slept. Power nap.

All that to say, things have been crazy. Thursday we head up to Michigan to see my little sis graduate high school, and attend my 10 year high school reunion. After all that jazz, I'll be back to a 'normal' schedule and post more!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Can't Believe

I Can't cupboards look like this:

I Can't last day at work is tomorrow! Moving to Nashville, but not sure what's next for me jobwise at the moment. Hoping to get back into working in music. For the time being: Stay At Home Mom!

I Can't Believe...I played peek a boo with Charlie while sitting on the a public bathroom. Gotta do, what ya gotta do to keep the kiddo happy.

I Can't Believe...Charlie just took a 2 hour nap. That never happens. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.

I Can't much crap I ate yesterday. I'm embarrassed. I'm using the fact that I packed all of our dishes as an excuse to eat out. And I have to eat at all my favorite Birmingham places before we leave!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Disgusting AND Hilarious

I have mixed feelings about our dog licking Charlie. To think about where her mouth has been really, really disgusts me.

On the other hand, I think it's impossible to always prevent it, living in a household with a dog. I wash his face and hands a lot.

Charlie has a new interest in Bessie licking his face. I try to stop it, but we had to get this on video once.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Shenannies

We were busy, busy bees this weekend...our last weekend in Birmingham.

Between the packing and cleaning, we met our cousins for dinner Saturday night. Charlie sat in a high chair for the first time. I tried to feed him store bought baby food, so we could use when we're moving and traveling. He was less than impressed. Glad to know he appreciates my hard work making baby food.

This is a pile of junk we've drug down to the street for garbage pick up. It also included a grill with a ton of rust, and a patio table and chairs that were in pieces. Then we sat inside and watched people pick through our junk. I knew someone would take the table and grill. Classic!

It's amazing how much junk you accumulate in just a year and half! Nice to not have to haul this stuff back with us.

(Sidenote: I've had this terrible pain on my side, near my rib. Feels like a bruised rib, but I have no recollection of injurying it. My working theory is that the hubs punched me in my sleep. His wrist hurts. That's all the evidence I need. There's no way it could be from all the hauling and moving we're doing. No. Way.)

Sunday, my first official Mother's Day, was lots of fun. Charlie and Josh made me a scrapbook of pics of Charlie and I. This is my favorite picture from the gift giving. The greatest gift!

We did our weekly grocery shopping, then Josh surprised me with tickets to a Baron's game. They got a new stadium this year, and I've really wanted to go before we move. I thought that ship had sailed, so it was a nice surprise!

Beer in the stroller.

 Such a great break from the moving madness. Unfortunately, this kid seems to have some intense allergies. He looks like he's crying when we are outside for any extended amount of time. He loved the game though. After the game, he fell asleep before we were even out of the parking lot.

We also tried out the mesh feeder this weekend. That thing is a hot mess!

So fun to celebrate my first mother's day. Love this card from daycare! Can't wait for all of these things I'm going to receive over the years!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogs I Love

I've been follow Julie's blog since I was pregnant. Her son is just a month older than mine. Love her Breastfeeding Diaries' series!

 Kayla was one of my first followers and was so sweet to answer some of my blogging questions.

Don't Quote the Raven
Raven's blog flat out cracks me up. She can be a little edgy...and I like that. It's refreshing.
 Love trading stories with Ashley about our little boys!

 And this girl always has something fun going on!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Can't Believe

I Can’t Believe…I gave my two weeks notice at work! Moving back to Nashville next week.

I Can’t Believe…how awesome Charles Ramsey is. Seriously. ‘I was eatin my Mac-Donald’s…’

I Can’t Believe…Charlie has slept through the night for five nights in a row. Fingers crossed.

I Can’t Believe…how sweet the other bloggers I’ve met have been. So welcoming!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goodbye, Old Friend

We have had our highs and we have had our lows. We logged many, many hours together over the past seven months. Early morning. Late night. Middle of the night.

We have hidden in the bathroom. In multiple offices. In guest rooms. But most of the time we were right out in the open, in my living room.

Sometimes I hated you.

You made me look ridiculous when I used you, but you did your job well. At least, I think you did. I've never cheated on you, so I have nothing to compare you to.

You are bulky and not convenient to lug back and forth to work. I'm sure I know I looked awesome when I lugged you, my purse, the diaper bag, and the kid around at the same time.

I still hear your rhythmic pumping sometimes. I couldn't wait for the day I could say goodbye, but now I'm feeling nostalgic.

Until next time...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend involved a lot of packing, prepping for our big move back to Nashville. But we made time for some fun too!

As you can see, Charlie has it rough on the weekends. He's too big for this seat, but loves it.

Saturday, once the rain stopped, we went to a Food Truck Roundup fundraiser. Charlie sat in his stroller without his carseat for the first time and thought he was hot stuff.

  Charlie wants some grilled cheese

'Mom, why is your hand on my stroller? Please take a step back.'

Sunday was mostly spent packing. And cleaning. And then packing some more. And then we ran out of boxes. I think the dog is freaking out. She's needed lots of cuddles, which is rare. 

Also, Charlie slept through the night for the past 3 nights. Praise. The. Lord. He's finally on the mend after a month of colds and ear infections. It's amazing what Amoxicillin can do for your sleep.

Then this happened last night: 

I like how he is being modest, using his book. Classy. 

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