Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ashley is...

While I was driving to work yesterday, a huge buck ran across the road in front of the car in front of me. When my first thought was 'Ashley just saw a huge buck cut off the car in front of her,' it occurred to me that I may be obsessed with Facebook. Either that, or the pressure of coming up with a good status update has ruined my life.

Because of Facebook, all of my thoughts are now in the third person. In that past few days, they have ranged from 'Ashley is wondering why the line at Target is so long', to 'Ashley is pondering life's questions', and 'Ashley has completely lost it'. I think the latter hits the nail on the head...

Lucky for my loyal Facebook friends, I censor 95% of my status update thoughts. But I'm still in a constant state of trying to think up a quippy update that might generate a comment. You know, it's always the most random updates that get comments, too. Never the ones I think are interesting. My curling iron breaks, and I get 8 comments. But when I run into Josh Turner, no one cares. Hmm. Apparently my curly hair is more interesting than Josh.

I came across a website that's going to help me improve my updates. It's an art, you see. The website is...well...I can't tell you. Then you'll know the source of my wit.

And just in case you're dying to know: Ashley is currently wondering what the opposite of hindsight is.