Monday, June 3, 2013

Charlie - 8 Months

Weight: Around 18 pounds. He went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and weighed 17 lbs, 15 oz. I know that's still not huge for his age, but suddenly people keep telling me he looks huge for an 8 month old, which I find strange. I'm so used to him being small for his age. 

Sleep: Bedtime is between 7:30 and 8, waking up around 4 am to eat, then going back down until 6:30. He'll take 2-3 naps during the day at daycare, but does not nap nearly as well for us. I plan on working on that when I'm home with him soon.

Feeding: Still takes about 6 bottles a day, but I think I'm going to try to cut it back. The kid is packing on pounds, and I dont think he really needs to eat every 3 hours anymore. I need to do some research. He does baby food solids twice a day now, and then usually a little bit of real solids. He will eat scrambled eggs, banana, cheese, black beans, and little pieces of baby puffs. 

Diaper Size: Size 3. I think we only bought 1 or 2 boxes of Size 2.

Clothes Size: A few 3-6 month sleepers. I think they ran really big.  He's mostly in 6 month and some 9 month clothes. I bought a few cheap 9 month sleepers at Meijer and when I washed them they were too small. You get what you pay for!

Hair: Brown, and he grew a whole lot more of it this month. It's wispy. It's nice to have something to wash in the bath.

Milestones: I feel like he does something new every single day lately. First tooth! (Popped through on May 23...Praise the Lord.) First epic diaper rash (boo). Eating more real solids, including puffs. Clapping hands (so stinkin' cute). Sort of over the paci. Sleeping in his own room for naps AND nighttime (this is major). Sitting up in shopping cart. Moved the car seat straps up a notch. 

New Nicknames: Char (I've started calling him this all the time. Original, I know.)

Crap. I've only got one more month to lose this baby weight... 

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  1. Aww poor little guy, hope the diaper rash didn't last long! Was it because of teething?

    Colton was in size 2's for about a minute as well. Odd size!