Friday, July 2, 2010


I like garage sales. A lot. I love thrift stores, and I get really pumped when I find stuff at a bargain.

I also love Plato's Closet. A consignment store, featuring only the latest in fashion. After a notsosuccessful yard sale, I decided to take my 3 garbage bags of clothes, shoes and accessories to Plato's to see what I could get for them. I had 3 bags. That's a lot! Success was pretty much guaranteed. Josh even had to help me carry them in.

I hefted the bags up on the counter, and watched the lady's eyes get huge. Never before had they seen so much brought in by one person! And then I waited.

Naturally, I started shopping. I figured I could buy at least 3 shirts, and still have money to spare, after they bought all my cool clothes. I'm thinking I'd walk out of there with $ $50.

They say it takes about 20 minutes to go through your clothes. After 35 minutes, Josh was waiting outside, and I was tapping my foot whilst sighing loudly. That was when I realized they write your name on the board when they're done, and you go up to the counter to receive your results.


So I go up, and they bring my bin over of stuff they want to buy. I see my garbage bags sitting on the back shelf and think 'Jackpot! They want to keep it all!'

2 shirts. That's it. That's all they wanted of my wardrobe. The lady sheepishly told me that's all that was trendy enough for them. Her sympathy made my face turn red.

I put my 3 shirts back and walked out with $4. I had to call Josh to come back in and carry my 3 bags out, while the other customers cleared the way and stared. I think one of them shook her head in pity.

I think they still talk about me sometimes. There might even be a story posted in the store about me titled 'What NOT to do.' Hopefully they didn't get me on camera. I can't be sure because I haven't been back. But I've heard rumors.

Next time I'll be ready, Plato's. You just wait.

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