Friday, June 4, 2010

Watch Out, Drivers!

Do I look like a threat to society? Seriously, you should tell me. I think I should know if I do.

I had a clean driving record when I moved down here. Never pulled over once. Now I'm up to 6, maybe 7 times of being pulled over.

Let me recount my experiences and you can decide for yourself.

Number 1: Guilty, court date.

Driving innocently along the road in Lebanon. Ok...I had expired tags and no registration or insurance...I was a ticking time bomb, and I knew it. I actually kind of chuckled when I saw the blue lights and thought 'surprised it took this long.' In my defense, I bought the car from a friend and she had lost the registration, and I needed wheels till she found it.

Number 2: Innocent

How are people supposed to know they have a tail light out without getting pulled over? Hope a friend drives behind them?

Number 3: Guilty, accidentally.

11 pm on a Friday night. Car full of sisters and friends and I'm lost on backroads trying to get home. Pre-Google Maps and GPS.

Then, I see a HUGE car wreck up ahead. Naturally, I pull into the nearest driveway, turn around, and head back the other way. To stay out of their way, you know. I'm trying to help!

2 cop cars chase me down. It was kind of exciting. Like something you see on TV. I'm in a car chase! Annnddd then they inform me I evaded a sobriety check point. They had to explain what that was. We don't have those in Michigan! Or I'm just really, really innocent.

They laughed at me. The cops laughed at me. Then they made me turn around, and drive back through the check point so they could laugh at me again.

Number 4: Definitely guilty
Going 80 on a highway in Indiana, trying to get back home. But let me explain the week I'd had.

My mom had fairly serious emergency surgery early in the week. My uncle died the end of the week. All during the busiest time of my year at work. I got a speeding ticket driving home from a funeral. That's just mean. I didn't even care when I saw his lights. I pulled over, stuck my hand out the window, and took the ticket. And then I laughed and shook my head.

Number 5: Innocent
Pulled over driving home from Josh's for a burned out headlight. Ten minutes earlier, Josh realized it was out and promised to change it the next day.

Number 6: Guilty...I think?
Did you know if you wear your seat belt tucked under your arm, you can get cut in half during an accident. Pretty picture the cop painted for me.

Verdict: I think I'm overall guilty. I wrote this, and convicted myself. Didn't see that coming.

Where were the cops when I hit two deer, totaled my car, forgot my cell phone, and walked in the dark to a stranger's home?


  1. wow...what an experience!

  2. lol... I love your entry Ashley. very witty and charming. those darn cops!! - kristy