Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're Back, Baby!

We are so, so excited to let everyone know that we are moving back to Nashville in a couple weeks! We lived there for about 5 years (together and separately before we were married), and then relocated to Birmingham about a year and a half ago for the hubs' job. He works for a concert promoter...which you would think would be in Nashville anyway.

Nashville is such an awesome place and has always felt like home. I always hoped we'd get back there. After we had a baby (surprise!), we really missed being near some of our family and all of our great friends. We lacked a strong support system here in Birmingham. We lacked having babysitters to call. Mom and Dad need a night out!

I also used to work in music, and had to give up the dream of working in it again, while we lived in Birmingham. Not a whole lot of opportunities for that here. It's such a unique and fun world to work in. I got burned out on it for awhile, but during the two years I've been away, I've realized what a special industry it is. And I want back in. I've got a couple irons in the fire currently that I'm waiting to hear back on. Until then, I'll be a stay at home mom until something lines up, and counting our pretty pennies!

I like to joke that we moved to Birmingham to get a dog and a baby, and we're now moving back as a family of four! We are stronger and better for it!

Taking these two home.


  1. Good luck on your journey. I have been to Nashville a couple times and loved it.

    1. Thanks Crystal! We are super excited. Checking out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!