Thursday, May 30, 2013

Michigan Adventures

Last week we flew up to Michigan to attend my little sister's high school graduation, and my 10 year reunion. Charlie is a champion flier. He eats it up!

We got into town around 4 pm Thursday, and her graduation was at 7. We went strong until 11 pm that night, and Charlie was fantastic. We were all shocked he sat quietly through the ceremony, and slept at Apple Bee's during our celebratory dinner. He could not have been better! So glad we got to be there for that special time!

Hand over your heart for the Pledge, everyone. 

I saw my step sister, Ashlie, for the first time in nearly 5 years, and I don't think we took one picture together. I don't know how that happened!

Friday was pretty chill all day.

First, a stop at Meijer to visit the graduate while she worked. I do miss Meijer! Picked up some baby clothes.

 Then we visited with my cousins, Paul and Mallory, and their little boy, Hugo, who was born just 6 days after Charlie! I had never spent a lot of time with them before they had a baby, but since then, we've kept up a ton, and spent a decent bit of time swapping baby war stories. So fun to finally meet Hugo!

Hugo and Charlie swapped toys and baby spit. It's really hard to get a good picture of two moving babies.

Charlie has a new fascination with seeing himself in the camera of my phone. Sometimes I take pictures.

Saturday morning started off with taking this little guy to breakfast, so everyone could sleep in a quiet house. Just me, Charlie, and a side of Sophie for breakfast. 

Sometimes, trunk diaper changes are necessary when you're on the go. 

Lots of balloons and parties on Saturday. 

Graduation party: 

Class reunion: 

Charlie was seriously a trooper while we hauled him ALL over the place. Everyone kept commenting on what a great baby he is. He is much happier when we're on the go, than when we sit at home. No one believes me. Haha.

Sunday, we decided to take a little day trip up to Grand Rapids to go to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. Josh and I are nerds and love museums. My dad loves history, so he was totally up for it. It was a great museum, though kind of small. I did not know much about President Ford, and it was quite interesting!

Brittney found an awesome hot dog place on the way, called Yesterdog. We had some phone booth fun while we waited on our hot dogs!

We had such a fun time in Michigan! It was sort of stressful to travel so quickly after moving, and not feeling settled in the new house, but it was also nice to get away from all the craziness! Love our time with family!

Congrats Brittney!


  1. Yayy to Michigan! I am from this area and yesterdog is the best!!! Congrats to your sister for graduating!

    1. Yes! We looovvveeddd Yesterdog. I think my sis drove up there again today to go! haha Yay for fellow Michiganders!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Michigan - looked like a wonderful trip!
    Congratulations to your sister :)
    Colton is better on the go too, I think it's because there is SO much to see and take in...and he falls asleep all the time haha.

    1. I guess it's good that our kid's behave in public, right?! Glad I'm not the only one.