Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Can't Believe

I Can't Believe...I keep forgetting to put my dress shoes back on after walking the dog at lunch. And by 'dress shoes', I mean fancy flip flops. Wearing Toms and a skirt.

I Can't Believe...I am really not enjoying this season of Mad Men. Sad.

I Can't Believe...Charlie never really liked his Bumbo seat. I think I'm gonna sell it. That was one of the only baby items I was sure he'd love!

I Can't Believe...I had this conversation with the hubs the other day:

Me: 'My very favorite trip with you was actually to Cincinnati a few years ago. I just felt like we really connected the entire time. We had so much fun!'

Hubs: 'We are so different. The thing I remember about that trip was that we got a car without cruise control. I will never do that again.'

Actually, I can believe that conversation!

I Can't Believe...Charlie STILL doesn't have a tooth. Kid is dumping buckets of drool.

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  1. My daughter didn't like her bumbo seat either when she was smaller. I even bought the tray for it,still didn't help lol. I ended up handing it down to a friend. Following you from the I can't believe link up.

    ~ Osh
    Sun-Kissed Peony

    1. I got the tray too! Thought he'd like it if I put toys on it. Not interested. Following you too! Thanks for visiting lady!

  2. Cute Toms! Bummer about the shoe change but at least you have comfy shoes on :) Stopping by from the link up!

    1. You can never go wrong with Toms, right?! Thanks for stopping by, Erica. Checking out your blog too!

  3. WHAT! You are selling the Bumbo seat???????

  4. He didn't like being in the Bumbo?? That's too bad! To be honest, we don't use our seat like that.
    Guys remember the silliest aspects of events!