Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet Bessie

Say hello to Bessie. My amazingly awesome, fully grown dog, who will always look like a puppy. 

We adopted Bessie in November of 2011. We went to the Alabama Animal Adoption Society and were both immediately drawn to her. She is very sweet and submissive. She just wants to love and be loved. 

Fun Facts: 

Bessie is a Lab/Beagle mix. So, she looks like a Lab, but is the size of a Beagle. 

She'll be 2 in May. Planning her party now. (Just kidding, not kidding)

Bessie LOVES these things (in order): Chicken, walks, peanut butter. If forced to choose, I honestly don't know if she'd choose chicken, or a walk. We can't say the word 'walk' in her presence. 

Best trick: 

Bessie can shut the door. The hubs taught her how to leap up on the door and slam it shut when she comes in from the back yard. The catch? She refuses to do it unless you're standing next to the treats. If you yell from the living room for her to shut the door, she looks at you and says 'yeah right' with her eyes, and lays down.

We've created a full on Bessie personality, with a certain voice. She knows when we're doing her voice and cocks her head at us. 

This dog cracks me up every single day. Love her.

This is my personal favorite pic of her. I thought the smell of peanut butter would wake her up.


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