Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday again...

This weekend was filled with lots of highs and lows. I was struck by how quickly a happy go lucky day can change. Nothing dramatic, just some back and forth.

My brother in law came down from Nashville for the weekend. He and the hubs went to see Switchfoot Friday night, so it was just me and my buddies.

After feeding Charlie in his exercauser for two weeks, I broke down and got out the high chair. I've been putting it off because we are hoping to move soon, and a disassembled high chair in a box is much easier to deal with. However, trying to get food into the mouth of a bouncing 6 month old gets old after awhile! 

I love, LOVE the high chair. So does Charlie. 

He's definitely got some room to grow!

Saturday morning started at Waffle House. As any good Saturday morning does! Then we went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and had Paul take some family photos of us. We've realized we hardly have any pics with me, the hubs, and Charlie all together. In all honestly, I've avoided most pics because I want to lose more weight and I don't really want to remember me looking like I do right now. BUT, I don't want to miss out on having pics with Char either, so that's that.

Some of the best pics of the afternoon: 

Do you like our color coordination? :)

After pics we went to Stadium Fest down in Hoover to visit some of Josh and Paul's friends that were working the show. Then we raced home to feed Char and get to a Birmingham Baron's game on time, where we were meeting some friends. 

After eating, Charlie proceeded to throw up his ENTIRE bottle. On me, of course. It looks like so much more than 6 oz when it's dripping down every part of you. The hubs decided he probably just got overheated outside, and we took his temp. 101.5! Had no idea. He seemed fine until he threw up. Needless to say, we skipped the game. Major bummer. It would have been Charlie's first baseball game, and we were looking forward to hanging out with friends. 

Things went downhill quickly after that. Had a hard time breaking Charlie's fever and he was super fussy till about 3 am. It was a rough night. Luckily, throwing up seemed to be a one time thing, and he was just coughing and sniffling. 

Sunday was a little better, but we mostly stayed home and tried to recover. He was pretty fussy all day and refused to nap. Then refused to go to bed, which he NEVER does. I think he's teething. I check for teeth everyday and ask him where they are. 

Sunday held a lot of this: 

Overall, could have been worse!


  1. Is he snugglie? My daughter doesn't like to cuddle or snuggle very often, only when we're about to put her in her crib at night (she turns the cuteness factor way up so we have a hard time putting her down!). I hope the nights get better, and that those pearly whites come in soon!

    1. He actually is not usually snugglie AT ALL! This was a rare moment, caught on film! haha He never has been, since the day he was born. That is too funny about your daughter! Babies are smart!

  2. Poor Charlie! I hope those teeth pop through soon so he can get back to being his normal happy self :)
    I LOVE that high chair!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Is your kiddo teething yet?? Hope he has bounced completely back this week!