Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

I have to say, this was one of the best weekend's we've had in a long time! Mostly because the weather was AMAZING and it finally, FINALLY, feels like spring!

Saturday morning we had a yard sale. We live on the corner of a very busy highway, and couldn't ask for a better yard sale location. I am a yard sale junky, but the hubs had never done one. He was weary, to say the least. He was a not a believer.

However, when it was 15 minutes before we opened, and we were swarmed with buyers, he changed his tune a bit! So fun to wheel and deal with people! Our favorite customer walked up wearing a Yankees hat and turned out to be David Robertson's (pitcher for the Yankees) aunt. That was a win.

My yard sale buddies:

The goods:

Charlie loved being outside. (Side note: See all the yellow pollen on the porch?! Gross.)

We made a couple hundred dollars, then went to lunch, Sam's Club, and Target, and it was all gone by 5 pm. Diapers are expensive. C'est la vie.

Sunday, Josh got free tickets to the Indy race. Awesome box seats with free food and drinks! And 75 degrees out. Perfect. 

Other than having drinks spilled on us on the shuttle, it was a pretty great time. Charlie loved it...until the race actually started. We made it through 8 laps, before he wanted to rip his hearing protection off. 

All tuckered out... 


  1. LOVE yard sales! Sounds like you guys had a succesful one - that's great!

    I'm a little jealous you guys went to the Indy race, I've been to a nascar race there but would love to see an Indy race.

    New follower :)

    1. Thanks for the follow Ashley! And great name... ;)

      The Indy race was so fun! I actually liked it better than the Nascar race I went to!